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• Every is talking about politics
• 藍志峰 呂育陶

Opinion on ge14

• similar, same supported party, same unchanged things

Former PM and former deputy band together to run for election

• underestimated najib’s and drm’s capability
• drm is a tough guy considering he is 93, and could deliver speech for an hour
• a very clear idea presenter
• vs Abdullah, very ambiguous
• najib is good but not as good as drm in delivering ideas

• is afraid to see the disappointment when the voting result is released

• reading is important in understanding the current state of affair

Is drm diverting the votes from the chinese

• older generation does not like drm, due to ops lalang and other oppression done to Chinese
• but ppl these days are willing to temporary put aside the differences, as there are more pressing matters to deal with
• wawasan 2020 was what uniting the Rakyat when the economic is good

• good impression to drm, as that was the Era when he launched proton saga, when he was in power claiming he is clean, and the learn from Japan initiative
• until 1987, when he was in form 5, as Anwar needed credit for Malay to continue stpm, and more decisions that affects Chinese education
• mostly still in favor of drm
• MSc was a great initiative

• however, biotech became the next big thing, but eventually failed

1985, push for hardware upgrade, and brought Malaysia to the international scene. But the authoritative leadership style makes the ppl born in 60s 70s.

• drm was sacked by tunku Abdul rahman, but was saved by Abdul razak
• published Malay dilemma, a classic texy

• vague in recent speech, leaving room for imagination

When did u start observing politics news

• since secondary school, as tertiary education is a privilege itself especially for non-bumiputera

• since secondary school too, but started intensely in 1997 during reformasi in UPM
• initially wanted to become a police officer, but started to reconsider during activist Era.
• then got invited to paper media and observe how the society works under guidance of senior by reading the recommended list of books
• a lot of DAP ppl were reporters
• everyone needs media, and all the information received is unfiltered and is not exposed to the general public. However when jumped into the political scene, the source of information is reduced.

How literature is related to politics

• writers more or less observes
• common goal, pursuing greater degree of freedom
• 文學必須干預政治,直到政治不再干預文學


• is the article under constant supervision
• the officer periodically calls meeting and tell dos and don’ts.
• 1998 Chinese newspaper and harrakah daily was best selling to see photos of reformasi
• in bersih rally drone Was used and made the gamen installing disruptor to prevent usage

What is the form of expression in literature scene

• everyone use the form they find most suitable, some do staged performance of reading poems
• with the popularity of social media, ppl are more comfortable in expressing their ideas
• while the degree of freedom is higher, but literature don’t do direct jab to current issues
• poets expressing their opinion through poems

Social media

• group chat is big these days
• closed community
• super fast mode of information transmission, and mostly unmeasurable
• the impact of modern social media can’t be measured and estimated.
• the consensus reports are inconsistent with each other

Live, videos, the impact, presence, viewership does not equal to support

• ppl who attend is more likely to support

• live videos, the portability allow more consumption
• also consumption is decided by the recommender engine, and making the user oblivious to other opinions
• social media risks forming a echo chamber by offering choice to filter information
• risks dividing the society.

• some people start aware and lowering the dependence of social media

Might have lost touch to reality

• try to broaden information sources

• mca folks complaint coverage is decreasing
• and needed to educate the meaning of news value
• after 308, reporters has higher workload, with endless press conferences
• change in news reporting ecosystem

Sophie’s world

Mahathir Maverick


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