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这几天都没什么post真的是有点抱歉,不过倒是修改了一些设计上的缺陷。其中之一大家应该不会看得很清楚,那就是一些排版上的设计。因为我转到双语频道,而因为某些原因使到一些tag没有关掉,还好并没有走样太多。第二个问题,就是存档页过长的问题。现在为它加了开关,其实也不算是加,因为我为了这个开关功能重新写了一个plugin,所以可能迟点会一并发布(因为有一些css和js(很简单的)involved,很懒惰完成它。如果你想要一个还没有完整的版本,可以留言向我索取,我会email一份给你(所以请在留言区认真填写你的email address,我担保你的email不会发布出来,除非你自己写在留言里)。



For those who really concern about my blogging frequency, I’m sorry for not posting for the past few days. Although I didn’t post anything on, but I did fix some problems here (mostly layout problems). The layout was distorted few days ago (however not too obvious) because of some unclosed HTML tags that I don’t think you guys even bother, so I wouldn’t talk much about it (Since it is solved). Actually this post is to inform you guys that I have rewritten the archive page that I think originally was too long to be displayed. Now the archive page is “collapsible”.

What do I mean by “collapsible”? I dunno whether this word is a good word to describe that page, so don’t ask XD. The page is collapsible because I have added a link to enable you to expand or collapse the archive. It works this way, first you select which year you want to browse, then you click the link with [+]. After that, you should see the months that has posts displayed. Then hor, you can further browse it by clicking the link with [+] again next to the month, then you should see all the post titles.

Isn’t it look better? At least I think so lo, because at least you do not have to be frightened by a super long page. I’m still working on the page and hopefully I will release the source to those who are interested. If you can’t wait, you can always post a comment to request a copy and I will post to the email address you entered in the comment form (they will not be published though).

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