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Stop Spamming Me

Please stop spamming my blog, I do not need any medicine/health product/whateva crap at the moment. Thanks a lot for your concern, but my blog is just simply not ready for such advertising comments. So, please stop spamming my blog again!!! You wouldn’t want me to get angry….

There has been a long time since I blog in english, but then I really hoped that I do not need to stress on this (anti-spamming) twice in either mandarin or english anymore (SPAM AND SPAMMERS SUX, OK… maybe I should “act innocent” and stop using foul words). Unforturnately, as long as there is a spammer, I would have to keep asking them for not spamming me, what crap? This is so not logic, eh.. a bit off-topic liao…

For visitors who are puzzled/amazed/blur/interested about what’s going on, I have been receiving comments from “strangers” (a bunch of people from two same websites) since afternoon (so far there have been around 25+ comments from “them”). Okay, I know that majority of the people who left comments are strangers but you guys do not leave comment in ENGLISH where most of my blog posts are written typed in broken mandarin right? Besides that, as far as i know, I do not find my blog posts “interesting” and “useful information is well arranged” (in short, these are all crap!). I really appreciate when I found out that these people “bookmarked” my blog address but thanks but no thanks and I would like them to remove my blog address from their “Bookmark” if my site is meant to be spammed by “them”. Following comment is quoted from one of the spam comments from “them” :

Hello there! Just want to say that I find your site enough interesting for me. Usefull information and all is good arranged. Thank you for your work. I will visit your site more ofter from now and I bookmarked it….. (edited : Some links follows but got deleted, I’m sorry :P)

Hey tell you what, you guys gotta put in more effort to impress me so that I approve your comment next time. But then since I am a good boy kind, I quoted one of your comments wo (although your URLs got “censored”)… Maybe this is the time I should start considering to install anti-spam plugins. Any recommendation from wordpress users?

p/s : forgive me for this broken english crap post… I am just hoping that they can understand what is posted here so that they do not get misleaded by those translator script thinking that they can just spam happily here (but then I do not think they are that “innocent ler…how ar?).

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Today is the first day of my semester break, I got too bored so I just wrote this post.


The spam msgs are generated by automated tools, the spammers won’t read your post here and will continue to spam your blog. Since your are using WordPress, try some of the plugins to catch spams. Askimet is working pretty well for example.