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E-learning part 2

Few days ago, I posted up my response on the e-learning issue as requested by my lecturer. I was quite shocked after found out that not more than 5 people posted their response. Is this a sign showing that even though we are studying computer science, but we still do not appreciate and utilize the internet connection wisely? Or this shows that our e-learning system has some problem because it doesn’t help attracting students to login (in other word, it sucks)?

But then, I am quite impressed that there are people who rely on the internet resources in studying in my course. This is because in my college, we are rely on the lecturer for notes. If a lecturer does not provide notes for photocopying, then he/she will be in trouble when students evaluate him/her during the end of semester. Not many who are really interested finding out more on the subject somewhere else and this is probably why not many logged into the BlackBoard and post their response.

In my response, I pointed out that constant electrical supply is a main factor in order to make e-learning a success. It is quite insulting when we are already used to electricity black-outs even in this so-called “Advanced State”. Besides that, decent broadband coverage is also another important factor because not many residents in Malaysia are able to surf online with the help of broadband. Even one can surf using broadband, if he/she is using Streamyx’s service, then he/she will probably suffer from the constantly service down. Even though there are other ISPs providing broadband connection but they cant provide low cost connection. This is because wired connection that is generally cheaper is already monopolized by Telekom. In order to use other ISPs’ services, we will need to pay more for the hardware because they use wireless technology to deliver broadband connection.

If these problems are left unbothered, then I do not expect E-learning will become a trend in Malaysia.

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