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VB Prototype…..

Just spent half a day finishing the interface for my group’s system – library system. And since we couldnt come out with a name that is interesting, so we just simply name the system as “Up2U Library System”, sounds dumb ho…?

Up2U Interface

Showing above is the main screen interface for our system. The system is separated into 3 parts with 2 modules each. I am in charge of the administration part of the system. Following is one of the screens for my module.

Up2u 2

Look dumb huh… Basically, since MDI is not yet taught by the lecturer and I am really to busy to learn that in advance, so I link all the interfaces with “Unload” and “Load” commands. Therefore there is nothing really special about our system. Probably after learning MDI in the coming weeks then I will convert the whole system to MDI, hehehe.

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