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Assignments, assignments….

I got so impressed after looking at my friend’s assignment interface. It was simply just tooooooo nice. Therefore, me and my group members agreed to decorate our assignment a bit. Besides that, since we started using MDI, then the whole structure has to be revised.

We have added a navigation menu, so that the bar up there doesn’t look too plain (what an excuse). Then we added in some shortcut button suggested by one of my group members. We have also removed our so-called “logo”, since it was not so nice. And lastly, almost all buttons are now with icons so that user can see them clearly (hehehe).

Our system is usable at the moment as long as u do not key in the wrong thing (like you enter letters when you are asked to enter numeric) because we do not have time to do complete validation. We expect all the validation will be done at the time we submit our assignment though. Below are some of the screenshots taken from my assignment project. You can click on them for better enlarged view.

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Your interface is just too perfect to comment…Good designer.