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Recently our English for Science unit’s lecturer posted an issue about e-learning at the college’s “e-learning” system (which is actually a blackBoard Learning System that is also used by many other colleges) and we are required to write a response to that issue. She also provided a link to a page that clearly explains about “e-learning”. Until now, I have really no idea on this issue since I am still reading that webpage while I am posting this.

If only looking at my college’s so called “e-learning” system, I really don’t like it much because it is not as useful as I expected. Blackboard Learning System is no doubt a good system handling “e-learning” things but it is not being well used at my college. I myself prefer looking for information at another websites rather than the e-learning system because there are almost nothing provided by our lecturer through the system except for some lecture notes / tutorial questions / assignment questions etc. I have a friend studying at another college and I heard from him that he can get a lot more things through their college BlackBoard System besides notes / assignments etc. And the participation of his lecturer is much better compared to my college. I found that sometimes it is very rare to see any lecturer to join in our discussion in the discussion board and probably this is why Blackboard System is not popular in my college.

But these are only some problems that only occur in my college, and this doesn’t mean that they will happen in other colleges as well. Therefore these cannot be the only points in my response to the issue, *sigh*. Now I would need to start thinking what to write and post them this Friday since I do not have much spare time because the units I took in this semester are quite tough (at least 4 credit hours) and I am definitely don’t wish the same thing happened as the “Introductory to Discrete Mathematics” unit last semester.

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