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First Post in English

Yoyo! This is my first post in english. From now on, all english blog posts will be posted to categories that is named in english. This is the first time I post articles over internet in english instead of chinese. Hopefully my english is not too “broken” till others are not able to understand.

At the moment I’m rushing for my System Analyzing case study and encounter some difficulties to draw DFD (Data Flow Diagram) with Microsoft Visio. I had tried other open source alternative software (for example, DIA for windows) but found out that they are more difficult to draw DFD.

Besides drawing DFD, I am also designing some input and output screen related to my case study titled Online Bookstore System Analysis. Luckily I played with those IDE before and know a bit of the techniques to design a form, or else I will spend hours to figure out how to design those damned IO screen.

Stressssssssss, but anyway, I watched Fantastic Four (F4) this afternoon and posted my thoughts on that movie (in chinese). If you are interested, you may read it with help from online translator (Google translator).

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