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I’m so touched

Wahaha, after trying for 4 times, finally we get our (our group) DFD diagram 0 correct, phew~. Basically, today I spent the whole day (and I’m still doing) doing DFD. I wonder whether I will get fed up with DFD later. Today we heard some bad news from our lecturers. That is most probably we will have some replacement classes on Saturdays. This is why I don’t feel happy whenever a lecturer is on leave. Why do I (mebbe the whole class) hate Saturday classes? This is because normally we do not have class on Saturday (But we have to stay in college for quite a long time, and mostly break between classes).

Besides that, we are also required to prepare for 2 presentations for week 11-12 that is not more than 3 weeks from now. The problem now is most of our time is occupied with case study assignments. I wonder there is any time left for me to do some revision for other subjects (We still have 4 more tests for Java Programming, 1 test for Calculus, and 1 more “online” test for System Analysis).

Let’s pray for more relaxing life after this week, hohoho~

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