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很气!Very Angry….


是这样的,因为我表弟屡次投诉很多程序装不下,所以我建议他重灌系统。好了,因为不想浪费时间做在那边教他我就把一些方法告诉了他。之后安装后的东西我再想办法和他联络。之后联络的过程很不顺利,由于我们俩都在硬体防火墙后面,所以用不上一些简单的远程控制程序。高了接近两小时后,我妥协了,叫他自己安装MSN Messenger,虽不致这么简单的程序他竟然摸了整个小时还没摸到如何使用。恰巧自己也不使用官方的client,无奈之下只好要他找表妹恶补。


I was extremely angry just now because my cousin made me repeated the same instruction for 3-4 times. Because of his sistem not performing well lately, therefore I recommended him to reformat the system and switch to a newer OS. Since I am quite busy these days, therefore I just gave him some instruction on how to start the installation. After that, I went back home.

After he managed to installed the whole OS, then we faced difficulties in contacting each other using netmeeting and remote controlling program. I didn’t know much about that problem but I think the router we installed are causing the problems (both of us are using a router). Then we settled the problem by switching to MSN, but then he couldn’t figure out how to use that s/w. Since I stopped using MSN official client for quite a long time, therefore I asked him to seek advice from my cousin. OK, after around half an hour he was finally able to communicate via MSN network, but then telling him to do one thing caused me to repeat the SAME instruction for 3-4 times. And I get extremely annoyed and started sending very rude word thru MSN to him. hehe…. I really hope that I do not have to deal with this kind of ppl anymore…

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